HRhub Resonate Report – Council Recruitment 2021, Trends and Insights Download


HR professionals in busy regional councils often tell us that it is difficult to get the time to go to conferences and meetings put on by suppliers and industry associations usually in the major cities. HR is also a fast-paced environment where you are continually challenged to do more with less in each budget cycle. This is why we’ve created this regional seminar series coming to regional centres near you.

HR leaders from selected surrounding councils are invited to attend a one day free seminar including lunch covering up to date news, insights and trends affecting council HR. Content covering Recruitment and Organisational development is delivered in an intimate interactive format by industry experts, including a workshop and time for networking and information sharing with peers from neighbouring councils.

CouncilJobs is collaborating in delivering this event with Leonards and Blackadder to bring you a uniquely tailored event, designed to deliver maximum benefit for your time spent. We hope to see you at an upcoming HRhub soon or contact us to arrange a HRhub seminar to be held in your region.

Attendee feedback

Professionals (91) from councils (50) who have attended a HRhub seminar have overall rated the events 4.3 out of 5 and overwhelmingly endorsed the experience, saying;

  • ‘very enjoyable presentations’
  • ‘good to know we are not alone’
  • ‘great to hear about digital interruption and what it can mean for us’
  • ‘great hands-on activity with interesting outcomes’
  • ‘informative with a number of takeaways we can use’
  • ‘great workshop across the board’
  • ‘highly recommended’