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Consider a Career in Council!

Working for a council is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. Strong on career development & teamwork, family friendly & always working for a better local community are just some of the intangible rewards you’ll experience.

It’s said by experts that a career is not one job for life, but series of skills acquired & experience gained in a field of interest over time. A career then, is not a detailed roadmap in front of oneself, but a path travelled in one’s rear-view mirror. A Career in council is a privilege well worth pursuing.

Many non-council people are surprised when they hear of career veterans who’ve spent their entire working lives in the council eco-system. These veterans may have had many different jobs throughout their career, often working for multiple councils across metro & regional areas, involving moving themselves & their families homes several times. This is because when you land a Job in a council, it’s generally more secure & when you change councils, your tenure & benefits generally can transfer with you, making it easier to move up in your career. Thus, Professionals especially, can move between large & small councils for that next step in their career to get the experience necessary to build up their resume.

For others, a job in council might just be a one-off experience to test the waters & see if you like an environment that’s typically less stressful & more personally fulfilling. Most CouncilJobs include a Rostered Day off (RDO) at least every fortnight & this is councils’ way of bridging perceived salary gaps to similar roles in the private sector.

Sometimes, there’s a stigma of laziness associated with working for councils, but nothing could be further from the truth. Council workers generally work in large highly-structured teams & rely on specialist skills to complete key tasks that are planned out by professional managers. Modern councils are cost-efficient organisations entrusted with spending residents’ funds responsibly for maximum community benefit. The sense of achievement for delivering on big team goals, such as new residential roads & infrastructure, new or upgraded community facilities & big community events is unmatched in any other field.