CouncilJobs Quarterly Newsletter

2016 has been a big year for CouncilJobs. Some highlights;

  • An average increase in Ads per month of 30% vs the previous year, until the start of forced council amalgamations in NSW in the middle of the year
    • Top 5 categories for Ads over the past 12 months
      1. Engineering
      2. Planning
      3. Environment
      4. Finance
      5. Public Works
  • An average of over 10,000 user visits to the website per month with over 53% being new visitors – CouncilJobs is still the #1 in search Australia-wide for jobseekers in this sector
    • Top 5 categories searched
      1. Engineering
      2. Admin
      3. Finance
      4. Planning
      5. Building
  • Sponsorship of the CrystalBall study into the future of Council Recruitment by Jetty Research. Results will be published later in the year via selected state-based HRM forums and in a detailed report available from CouncilJobs. See below for more details
  • Improved Database integrity and transparency. We have increased our focus this year on having the most up to date subscriber database possible. Access to unsubscribe has been improved and dormant subscriptions removed. The result is that advertisers can have the utmost confidence in using CouncilJobs to reach their target Jobseekers and there are now over 5,500 current CouncilJobs Subscribers, with over 25% now in Vic and Qld.


CrystalBall Research Project

The CrystalBall project is a two-part research project of both Council HR leaders and CouncilJobs Jobseekers designed to inform the future of Council recruitment across the country. There were 220 participants in the HR Leaders survey from 540 councils nationally and 536 participants in the Jobseekers Survey from over 6,000 invited to participate. From this survey a clearer profile of the CouncilJobs subscriber base can be gleaned.

  • Over 5,500 active subscribers as at 1 September
    • Split equally Male/Female with a median age of 45
    • 70% have worked or are now working in LG for a median time of 10 years
    • 74% are currently in a White Collar Managerial or professional role
    • 80% have equivalent to graduate qualifications or better
  • Areas of highest demand Now
    • Engineering
    • Health Inspectors
    • Planning
  • Expected movement in Demand now vs future – most significant
    • Aged Services – 11th to 4th
    • Health Inspectors – 3rd to second
    • Rangers – 10th to 9th
  • CouncilJobs Highest subscribed categories
    • Engineering                            11.9%
    • Environment                         11.8%
    • Planning                                   8.8%
    • Public Works                         7.3%
    • Community services          7.2%
  • Full rank of demand by category by state now and in the future