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Key Features Council
LGJobs Job
Seek MyCareer
Instant matching of ads to candidates, via extensive database of candidates & job categories
Instant Job Flash email to matching candidates for each ad
Daily Job Alert emails to job-specific matching candidates
Council-based job categories for matching candidates to vacancies 200+ 31 1 1 0
Database of thousands of candidates looking for council jobs
Online posting OR email posting of your vacancies
Future start date option when lodging ads online
Hot Job, Premium Job and PDF listings for eye-catching exposure
Online editing & updating of your ads at any time to get them just right
Continuous feedback to show how many job seekers have read your ads
Jobs Archive to review 000s of previous online ads
Apply Online button for candidates to apply for jobs
Exclusive focus on council vacancies
Immediate listing of all ads online
Weekly email of all current vacancies to councils, staff and subscribers
Listing of your ads on multiple related sites, as needed, at no extra charge
STD ads with logo [+GST]
$90-245 $250 $370 Fr $250 $250-390
Advertising Method Targeted
+ shotgun
Shotgun only Shotgun only Shotgun only Shotgun only

To find the right candidate for council vacancies, you need to advertise in a publication read by most council candidates. That means a website focussed on council vacancies, with matching candidates already waiting online to hear from you. CouncilJobs is the only web site able to offer this service for Council staff in Australia & New Zealand.

CouncilJobs has delivered countless winning candidates over the last 11 years. And it can do the same for your current and future vacancies. [A case study shows how CouncilJobs delivered the most candidates, the top four candidates and the winning candidate for a senior appointment at one council - with one ad.]

Do you have any current vacancies? If so you can post them yourself right now [or email them if you're short of time]. They'll be posted online immediately and we'll send an "Instant Job Flash", "Daily Job Alert" and the "CouncilJobs Weekly" each Monday to ALL qualified candidates - and see for yourself the response it receives.

Lodge New Vacancies Online

Lodge New Vacancies By Email

And remember too that feedback and comments, on response to your ads on CouncilJobs and any other publication you use, are always welcome. Just email them to us at feedback email whenever you wish. Our focus is always to improve your response any way we can.